Lakefront, Lake view or PRIVATE ESTATE lots available!

Covington Lakes Estates in Lackawanna County, Covington Township Pennsylvania, has beautiful lake front and lake view property for sale. Life is short, so why not wake up in a private lake community to enjoy a pristine view every morning! 



Lots for Sale

Lots 1 -19 are already SOLD.  We currently have six lakefront lots and two lakeview lots available.  We just opened a new subdivision which has two lots that are 61 and 69 acres, each with their own private lake. Sorry, the 69 acre piece was sold before we even began marketing it! Also available in this subdivision are two private estate lots that are 10.32 and 15.87 acres, each having approximately 1000 feet of frontage on the lake!  Lots available on the main lake are the following:  Lakefront lots which are a minimum of one acre up to 2.3 acres. These lots have underground utilities. Each lake front lot has from 100 feet to 300 feet of beach/lake frontage. One of the lake view lots has many trees and one has very few trees, so no matter your preference, we have what you need. Check out the following lot availabilities:

Rainbow over Trees, Private Lake Community in Gouldsboro, PA


  • Lot 35:  69.30 Acres - SOLD
  • Lot 36:  61.97 Acres with it's own private 10 acre lake
  • Lot 37:  10.32 Acres with 1000 ft. of frontage on the lake
  • Lot 38:  15.87 Acres with 1000 ft. of frontage on the lake

Lot 20A: 1.32 Acres-  Lake View Lot
Lot 21: 1.01 Acres-  Lakefront Lot with Approx. 178.82' of Lake Frontage
Lot 22: 1.07 Acres- Lake View Lot- SOLD
Lot 23: 1.18 Acres- Lakefront Lot with Approx. 201.35' of Lake Frontage
Lot 24: 1.27 Acres- SOLD

Lot 25: 1.40 Acres-  Lakefront Lot with Approx. 154.95' of  Lake Frontage
Lot 26: 1.11 Acres-  Lakefront Lot with Approx. 207.29' of Lake Frontage
Lot 27: 1.25 Acres-  Lakefront Lot with Approx. 310.92' of Lake Frontage
Lot 32: 1.0 Acre- Lakefront Lot with Approx. 138.19' of Lake Frontage
Lot 34:  2.386 Acres Lake View Lot—a wildlife paradise!


Contact us in Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania, for more information about our lake front property.